Food Waste Decomposer廚餘機

Food Waste Decomposer
Food Waste Decomposer


Reduce Your Waste & Save the Environment

Decomposes food waste into water within 24hours which can then be safety drained existing plumbing system with no harmful effects on the environment.

Possible to continuously input during the operation in accordance to the capacity.Not required to set toe for the input of material. Innovative machine which the decomposition is carried out via liquefying of the material through ECO-Zyme 500 organism

Food waste materials are eliminated by automatic liquefying decomposition process.
No energies are required except or small amount of electricity.


廚餘機能夠連續地操作及輸入。根據設置廚餘承受力放入廚餘, 通過ECO-ZYME500進行分解, 廚餘就被自動液化分解, 在過程中消除,可減排和減量。 只需少量的電費就能減排。

Job Reference:
Hospital Authority, The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd., The Peninsula Hong Kong, Escola Secundaria Hau Kong, Our Lady of Fatima Girls School, 菜農子弟學校, etc.



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